What is a Water Restoration Technician?

Los Angeles Water DamageTo be a skilled Los Angeles water damage restoration technician, you need a very precise set of abilities.

This is why restoration training can be quite extensive; dealing with severe water damage is challenging, and a poorly equipped team can end up doing a property more harm than good.



Water Restoration is a service that involves entering a property (usually a business or a domestic residence) after groundwater has invaded and put its integrity at risk. The most frequent reason for this is flooding, either because internal pipework has failed or because the property is located in an at-risk area.LA Water Damage

The job of a technician is not just to remove standing water, but also to begin repair and reinforcements for the damaged parts of the building. If the affected area can be saved, plaster, drywall, wood, concrete, and metal components all need to be safely dried and tested for strength. In instances where the components cannot be saved, technicians must find a safe way to remove and replace them.

Skills Needed to Be a Restoration Specialist

For safe and efficient water damage restoration in Los Angeles, technicians need to have a great deal of working knowledge about the different types of ‘disaster.’ According to the IICRC S-500 guidelines, three categories of liquid may cause problems.

Category One: water from clean and sanitary sources like sinks, toilet tanks, and drinking fountains.

Category Two: ‘gray water,’ or water containing contaminants with the potential to cause sickness if ingested. Gray water includes water containing urine and water from drains, dishwashers, and other appliances.

Category Three: ‘black water,’ or water containing extremely dangerous contaminants. May cause death if ingested. Black water includes sewage water, stagnant liquids, and flooding from rivers and streams.

Recognizing Levels of Destruction

As well as being able to accommodate for different levels of danger, a skilled technician must also have a clear understanding of the various types of LA water damage. This knowledge is usually structured according to the intensity of destruction. The classifications range from Class One (minor damage) to Class Four (prolonged damage).

Class One describes the low-level damage that has only been present in a short amount of time.

If a property owner addresses the entry of standing water relatively quickly, the extent of destruction should remain at this level. In contrast, Class Four describes water that has been allowed to remain, undisturbed, for so long that even brick and stone has become saturated.

The training given to damage restoration experts enables them to distinguish between these different classifications and categories with ease. Making this distinction is a vital part of the rehabilitation process, as the quality of repairs usually depends on how quickly an effective restoration strategy can be put together.


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