Mold Remediation for the Los Angeles Area

Mold Growth on Stained Plaster Wall Close-Up

We tend to assume that mold is always a visual thing; that it is only present in a home if it can be clearly seen. Unfortunately in the Los Angeles area things aren’t always so simple. Patches of mold and mildew can grow behind or inside walls, particularly if there has been an internal leak. Spores might also start growing underneath flooring materials if they become damp.


For this reason, one of the best ways to detect residential mold is through smell. If you can’t see it anywhere, but you know that there’s a strong odor in the air, it is worth getting a professional to take a closer look. Mold usually produces a strong, musty scent. It is not very pleasant and it can linger without proper treatment.


With the help of a Los Angeles mold remediation service, you can deal with mold problems fast and make sure that your home always smells sweet.


Follow Your Nose When It Comes To Mold


We get asked all the time to describe the specific odor of mold, but this is a tricky thing to

mold remediation los angeles
Mold Spores Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

do. It is very distinctive, but also rather difficult to compare with other, more familiar smells. Generally, it is an earthy smell, kind of like wet soil or rotting wood. It is moist, musty, and makes rooms unusable if the problem is severe.


Sniff out the Signs


To reiterate, you don’t have to see mold to know that it is present in your home. If a strong smell has developed and you’re having trouble getting rid of it, let a Los Angeles mold removal company carry out an onsite inspection. Our LA mold removal company has access to sophisticated moisture reading devices, which pick up damp hotspots, even if they are hidden behind walls and under floors.


Find the Solution to Remove Mold


Once a thorough inspection has been carried out in your Los Angeles home, a mold remediation company can let you know if there is mold in the house and how severe it is. The seriousness of the problem will determine how a Los Angeles mold removal company approaches the remediation process. In very mild cases, it may be possible to clean surfaces by hand and use a deodorizer to eliminate the smell. If the mold is severe, however, the floor may need to be lifted and industrial drying machines set up in the house.


If you suspect that there is mold in your home, act fast. Get in touch with our highly skilled remediation team. We are based in your local Los Angeles area, so we’ll be on site within hours.

Check back with Los Angeles Remediation often for more updates.

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