Los Angeles Fire Damage Remediation

Restoring your home after a house fire isn’t as simple as removing your furniture, blowing the smell out with a couple of fans and re-painting the affected areas. This is Los Angeles! Proper fire damage restoration of your property requires a much more complex series of tasks before you’ll get a house looking like new again.


After cleaning up the damage from the house fire, you’ll feel well taken care of from the very beginning of your fire damage restoration process. We conduct a full assessment of the situation during your initial phone call to our offices that helps us determine the amount of personnel and equipment that your job will require. Providing this information to our technicians and scheduling them to arrive on your property within four hours of your initial call.

When the Fire Damage Restoration Crew Arrives

When technicians arrive, an on-site manager will review the damage with you and provide you with a full plan of action which we’ll perform to provide you with the services that you need to return your property to a quality pre-fire damage condition. Once you and your insurance company agree to our plan, we go right to work repairing your property to its former glory.

Technicians perform various tasks to ensure that secondary damage to your property is minimal during the entire process. We’ll address the fire, smoke and water damage caused by the event and treat your family with respect and dignity, taking great care to save as many of your valuables and personal belongings as possible.

Many of the services provided Los Angeles remediation services have a system based on our restore versus replace mentality that we instill into each and every one of our employees. The more items that we can save during the fire damage restoration process, the faster we can get everything back to normal, with the least amount of interruptions to your life.


You can trust professionally trained fire damage clean up technicians. Each fire damage company in Los Angeles is locally owned and operated by people just like you. They also live in the community that they serve and feel that this makes our services all the better. When you place the call to our offices, you may very well have a friend, neighbor or family member who comes knocking on your door to perform these services for you from our company.


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